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Method of operation: Energy
Continuous commissioning strategies deployed through
24x7 Global Command Control Center for DEWA
• Temperature set point is reset based on the following:
• Working hours and non-working hours
• Holidays (Friday and Saturday)
• Climate Factors winter months and summer months
• Free Cooling Mode (when inside temperature is more
than outside temperature)
• Runtime Equalization
• Failover Logic
• Pump Scheduling
• Runtime Equalization
Fresh Air Handling Unit
The load of the building is calculated based on the Supply
Air Temperature from the building. The load is variable
parameter between 0% - 100%, derived from a PID Loop.
Temperature set point reset based on free cool mode.
Cooling Valve forced to full close position during free cool.
FAHU run only when any chillers run.
Summary of benefits obtained
1. Unnecessary running hours reduced, increase in