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EES – Endorsement
Sustainable development is a key objective of United Arab Emirates policy, which is keen to rationalize and provide energy
sources given their role in creating a clean and green environment. Ministry of Social Affairs was one of the frst ministries
in UAE that worked on energy effciency in its buildings, centers and institutions, which is more than 40 buildings where
the ministry guided all employees on energy conservation through newsletters and e-mail messages that showed them the
measures to rationalize energy not only in the ministry, but in their homes and their public and private lives, those directives
included the conservation in consumption of electricity and water and reduce excessive use, in addition to conserving
the use of papers in correspondences. The ministry was also involved in recycling and other measures to reduce energy
consumption and achieve a healthy and clean environment which will preserve wealth and protect the environment to
bequeath to future generations to enjoy prosperous life.
Ministry of Social Affairs joined Emirates Energy Star program in 2012 and declared its commitment to reduce energy
usage and carbon footprint in its facilities. The ministry also carried out green care initiative in its strategy for years
2011-2013 and this initiative will remain for the third session strategy 2014-2016.
Ministry of Social Affairs issues this case study “Emirates Energy Star” in collaboration with its strategic partner Etisalat
and Pacifc Controls to ensure that energy and environmental conservation is general culture adhered by all citizens and
residents of the UAE to be a model followed by all nations of the world, and we hope that everyone will fnd in this book all
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