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About UAE
For the last fve years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has consistently held the
bottom spot in World Wildlife Fund (WWF) league tables of world per capita energy
consumption. The UAE is in this position because of reliance on fossil fuels to run
cooling systems all year round and use of desalination plants to produce drinking water.
Given the current concerns about climate change, and the rising cost of oil, the Ministry
of Environment is keen to reduce energy use wherever possible.
One important contributor to the UAEs high energy use is the lighting and air-
conditioning systems in buildings. These have the potential to be reduced by up to 30%
by applying modern control techniques to eliminate waste, and matching temperature
and light levels more closely to the minimum requirements for people's comfort. An
approach that requires only limited initial investment.
This has motivated Pacifc Controls to address energy savings in homes, buildings
and infrastructure in the region by using state of the art Information Communication
technology in a cost effective manner.