Emirates Energy Star - Reducing the Carbon footprint of UAE

The Emirates Energy Star program is open to all

All buildings in the UAE are eligible for inclusion in the Emirates Energy Star program. There are multiple access streams aimed at different sizes and types of building. The program targets all the sectors and can deliver specific benefits for each vertical sector. Sector specific energy reduction strategies are discussed below, but many techniques apply to all buildings, such as turning off lights in daylight or linking air conditioning to room occupancy.

Any building that is occupied for only part of the time offers scope for reducing its energy consumption. Rarely will the occupiers remember to turn off every light when they leave, and time clocks can only be set to turn off the HVAC system at times when it is certain that no-one will be there. Real time monitoring of the facility, and the use of sensors such as movement detectors to control HVAC and lighting systems, will eliminate energy wastage and help the facilities team to control energy use even in widely dispersed networks of buildings.

Emirates Energy Star GCCC can be integrated with Management Information Systems (MIS) to deliver optimization and governance data to manage all the facilities equipment. This enables operating costs for facilities and services to be reduced through increased operational efficiencies and by