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Pacific Galaxy

The Galaxy platform supports life cycle operational management

The Galaxy analysis provides all the information required to reduce energy consumption, but acting on this information can be expensive if engineers have to be called out. The unique Gbot technology uses software robotics to identify, diagnose and rectify errors. The monitoring process and the FDD information allow a maintenance plan to be developed making use of predictive techniques to prevent equipment failures and keep equipment working effectively.

Galaxy’s unique Gbot technology reduces the need for engineer callouts

Gbots are the new paradigm in cloud computing. The intelligent, autonomous and cognitive software agents can be deployed across networks to carry out diverse tasks across the world. This ground breaking Gbot technology offers the world the opportunity to leverage the ubiquitous Galaxy platform for remote infrastructure and energy management with the highest quality of experience. Gbots are able to run autonomously, sensing and acting on dynamic conditions they may encounter. They engage in complex and frequent two-way communication with users and each other and can manage and act on private information in a responsible and secure process.

The Galaxy platform acts as the factory and orchestrator for Gbots. When an event is flagged, or a maintenance activity is scheduled, or at a user’s request, Galaxy intelligently assembles and compiles code for specific tasks to create a Gbot and routes it across the network into the relevant device. Gbots give a href=toroudeoous Gaet i