Emirates Energy Star - Reducing the Carbon footprint of UAE

Ongoing savings from the five key smart services

The benefits of the Emirates Energy Star program are realized over a long period in the form of life-cycle cost management. Even where some of the energy-saving strategies are already in place, the value proposition delivered by Emirates Energy Star plays a major role in sustaining the results. The detailed real time monitoring provided by the Galaxy system ensures that the full benefits are realised.

Galaxy provides the information needed to take control of energy consumption by finding out exactly how much is being used. Armed with smart tools, the facilities manager can measure how much energy a single item or a whole workspace uses. The service complies with all existing GHG reduction regulations and ensures that the facility is prepared for any future extension of monitoring requirements.

The Emirates Energy Star GCCC delivers managed services that enable 24x7 facilities management and GHG reduction some of which are illustrated in the flow chart below:

Emirates Energy Star - Reducing the Carbon footprint of UAE

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

The M&V set of services form the basis of the overall Energy Services Management solution, it provides customers with the ability to measure and verify all key energy parameters 24x7, helping to ensure that targets for reducing energy consumption are achieved and maintained. Its major activities include:

Real time monitoring

Data from the sensors installed in the building is continuously reported to the Galaxy platform and stored in the GCCC. This is a web-enabled solution which n ths m